Who I Work With

I work with subject matter experts (SMEs), project managers, content strategists, brand and marketing professionals, and IT developers to craft copy that converts well and ranks highly on search engines.

What I Do

I use plain language principles to ensure that sales or informational copy is clear and easy for customers to understand without being too repetitive — because if people don’t know what you’re saying or how you can help them, you risk losing your potential audience.

In other words, I put myself in the reader’s shoes and try to figure out what questions they might ask ahead of time, then make sure that what I write answers those questions.

What’s more, I also keep technical considerations in mind to ensure that online copy is optimized for search, including taking long-tail keywords and voice search trends into account.

Types of Projects

  • SEO keyword research and competitive analysis
  • Website landing page copy
  • Online sale and promotional copy
  • Support and FAQ copy for customer-facing webpages
  • Mobile apps
  • Blog posts
  • White papers