Christina Vasilevski

Toronto Writer/Editor for Content Strategy, Content Design & UX.

New Developments with the WCDR!

Last Monday during my class at Ryerson, I was thinking of ways in which I could contribute positively to both the Editor’s Association and the Writer’s Circle of Durham Region when I hit upon an idea: Why not, while attending the EAC Conference in May, approach other editors in attendance and interview them on behalf of the WCDR’s members? It would allow me to do something useful and unique for the Circle and allow me to get in contact with a wide variety of editors at the same time – it was win-win!

As soon as I got home from class, I set about drafting a letter to the webmaster of the WCDR inquiring whether this potential feature would be of interest to members. His response the next morning was encouraging, so I left it at that and figured I would email him back after work.

When I returned in the evening, I saw a message sitting in my inbox that arrived two hours after the original reply: Because I’ve shown such enthusiasm as a member, would I be interested in serving as Secretary on the WCDR’s Board of Directors?

Would I? Would I want to have an important role in an organization I respect and admire? An organization that showed me such generosity and goodwill when I first met its members that I decided to pay membership dues that very same day? An organization that is in regular partnership with other literary organizations and events across the province? Would I?!

Of course, I said yes – provided I could find out more about the Board’s scheduling and duties.

For the next few days there were concerns that my work hours and reliance on public transit would prevent me from helping out, but after discussing the issue with family members who could drop me off at meetings, those were rendered moot. So now, I have a lovely new announcement:

As of yesterday, I am now the acting Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Writer’s Circle of Durham Region, and will remain so until the next AGM in June, 2010. Hurray!

Happy New Year!

As we all ring in 2010, I’m happy to announce that I found out my final mark for the course in educational publishing I just finished, and ended up with an A-. While I still have yet to adapt my essay on digital readers and their potential effects on the publishing industry to this site, I’m very pleased with the results of my labour.

Anyways, to all and sundry who may drop by: welcome, take a look around, and may your year ahead be full of growth, change, and all the other things that make life good.