Readers hate typos and love clear thinking. As an editor, I eliminate the former and enhance the latter. My work involves substantive editing, line editing, and copy editing digital copy in a variety of contexts.

What do those terms mean, you ask? Here’s a short breakdown:

  • Substantive editing means looking at content to make sure its central argument is clear. This means that I focus on things like tone, format, and structure, and provide suggestions on whether content needs to be expanded, removed, rearranged, or rewritten.
  • Line editing means looking at writing on a line-by-line basis to make sure it reads smoothly. This means that I focus on things like removing the passive voice, cutting repetitive phrases, and clarifying meaning.
  • Copy editing means correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, it also involves formatting text for consistency  and fixing errors in non-text elements like photos, captions, references, graphs, and tables.

What’s more, I’m a Certified Copy Editor through Editors Canada’s certification program, an increasingly-recognized mark of editorial skill.