I’ve been obsessed with words my entire life. Put it this way: did you ever order books at school through Scholastic? If so, did you ever hear about an 11-year-old kid ordering a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a grammar guide from one of those flyers? Well, I was that kid.

I’ve now made good on that obsession by working with companies, design agencies, non-profits and more to craft compelling, clear digital copy. I currently work for Scotiabank, and in the past have worked for Rogers. No matter the location or industry, I do things like:

  • Write and edit copy for mobile apps and landing pages
  • Conduct keyword research for SEO and attend usability testing sessions to apply UX recommendations to digital copy
  • Revise page elements like CTAs and headings for A/B testing
  • Manage existing content through CMSs like Contentful and TeamSite
  • Work with developers, project managers, SMEs and more using Agile methodology
  • Manage style guides and coordinate with designers on copy guidelines

Education and training

I am a Certified Copy Editor courtesy of Editors Canada’s certification program. This program is meant for editors with at least 5 years of experience, and is an increasingly-recognized measure of excellence within the field.

The foundation for my editorial skills came from completing Ryerson University’s publishing program, where I learned — to my delight — that editing meant more than just nitpicking over commas. It also meant fact-checking, ferreting out gaps in logic, and fixing “infelicities in communication” (How I love that phrase!) to boot.

In addition to my editorial background, I have a BA in Women’s Studies and International Development Studies from Trent University. Trent’s focus on interdisciplinary education has given me the foundation to apply my skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts — freelance, corporate, non-profit, and volunteer.

Memberships and volunteer activity

I have been a member of Editors Canada since 2009, and have volunteered for multiple committees and events managed by the association. I also read short fiction submissions for Electric Velocipede starting in October 2012 and ending with the magazine’s closure at the end of 2013. As of January 2014, I currently read submissions for Lightspeed.