Hey there! Stuff at my new role with Scotiabank is going swimmingly. Plus, I have some good news: I will be speaking at Perspectives 2022, a virtual conference about content design!

The topic, “Succeeding in Content Design with ADHD”, is very close to my heart. I was diagnosed with ADHD and and anxiety in 2020, but I’ve been dealing with the symptoms for a long time. I can see evidence of having it as far back as when I was in undergrad. When Working in Content posted their call for speakers, the thought of talking about ADHD and how it’s affected my career wouldn’t let me go. I’m so glad that Candi Williams and James Deer, the conference organizers, have given me the chance to share my knowledge.

My pre-recorded talk will be available on March 29th, 2022, as part of Track 2, “Growing into a Senior Content Role”. Early-bird pricing ended last week, but regular tickets for Perspectives 2022 are still available. And if you’re just starting out in content design, the early-career track is completely free! In case you’re curious, here are a few other talks that will be taking place at the conference:

  • Gaining and Maintaining Confidence as New Content Designer with Ebony S. Johnson
  • Real Talk: Burnout, Imposter Syndrome and Taking Time to Care for the Soul with Jane Ruffino, Brenna Bustamante, Bridget Lawrow, and Ariel van Spronsen
  • Empathy, Mentors and Toxic Cultures with Denise Brooks
  • Neuroinclusive Leadership: Insights to the Neurodivergent Content Experience with Katrin Suetterlin