So, yes, I have not posted anything on here (besides my little political digression) in two months. What on Earth have I been up to? A number of things, some related to editing, and some not:

  • I’ve recently started working full-time at a new company. Now I prepare articles about health, well-being, medications, and medical conditions for web syndication. This has definitely been taking up most of my mental focus.
  • My summer course at Ryerson on electronic publishing wrapped up last month. While it was useful in some ways, I feel that because it was an online course, I got less out of it than I expected. My biggest problem is that it didn’t directly address how the publishing industry will adapt to the increasing presence of eBooks (and the risk of piracy that involves) – I think that students would be better served if the course name were changed from “Electronic Publishing” to “Digital Content Management.” A less flashy name to be sure, but far more accurate.
  • I’ve started going to the gym. I need to lose some weight and the new job makes it easier to get a gym membership, so why not?
  • Family members have been away on a trip for the past month. They’re back now, so I don’t have to be as involved in household upkeep.

However, with the advent of fall (and of my birthday today!) I feel my get-up-and-go coming back. I’m taking courses this term on proofreading and on editing fiction, and the simple fact of actually discussing text (as opposed to “content” or “product”) and how to make it better is invigorating. Suddenly, there are so many new books to read, and so many new projects to focus on during the weekends, and so many interesting people to talk to in the evenings! The proofreading course finally spurred me on to get my own copy of CanOx, and I giggled like a schoolgirl when I found out Amazon delivered the book to me in less than two days. It’s nice feeling the nerdiness (new courses! a dictionary in the mail!) flowing through my veins again.