I realized that lately I haven’t been talking about the progress I’m making with clients, so now it’s time for a little boosterism:

  • The article I wrote for the Editor’s Association of Canada should be published next week. It’s an association-only publication, but I’ve gotten permission from the editor to get an excerpt from the issue and list it here as part  of my portfolio.
  • I’ve finally gotten my bookkeeping in order. Instead of relying on trying to make my own database using Open Office, I’ve now got a free account with WorkingPoint so I can keep a contact database, quotes, expenses and invoices all in one place. I also finally decided to get a new account just for business purposes – probably a step I should have taken previously, but I do feel nice and official now.
  • I just submitted an article to Sustainable Living Magazine on Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff program. If I can keep new topics coming in, I’ll be considered a monthly columnist there, and I’ve also offered to help out with editing articles.
  • I’m still working on SEO web copy for a firm in Pickering
  • I’m also editing a sample of text for a chemical engineer in Toronto who’s writing about brain functions. I’ve been in discussion with a lot of other people, including other EAC members, about this project, and it looks like it could be the biggest one yet.
  • I’m working on editing a biography for Love London – if you like electronica with the same sort of feel as Abney Park, check them out.

Other than that, I’m still working with the WCDR and have even found someone there who is interested in getting some WordPress/blogging help. Since I’ve started promoting my services, I’ve been amazed at the number of editors and writers who are looking to get websites set up, or need help with maintaining their sites. I’m used to WordPress, so for me it’s a bit of a case where I’m holding a hammer and everything looks like a nail, but I’m offering help with WordPress installation to all takers.

Also, I’m now a member of the Reading as Writers site, and they even posted a recent interview of me. Look for some book reviews showing up there soon.