Well, as Christmas has come and gone, I feel a lot more sure about going to Montreal for the EAC conference. For one thing, I’ve been yakking the idea up with all and sundry, and not going after telling everyone of my intent to do so would be anticlimactic. For another, I received some gifts that would be distinctly useful for travel, including:

  • Gift certificates (lots!) for Travel Cuts
  • A messenger bag that fits my laptop perfectly

The bag, in particular, is something that I’ve been considering getting for a while, and now that I’ve got one that has plenty of pockets for other valuables (wallet, keys, phone, etc), the question of whether I can carry my laptop with me to the conference is now moot. I also got a lovely little book about copy editing from The Sister that appears to be a good companion volume to the Chicago Manual of Style. This just means that I have even more reason to buy Chicago when I get the chance.

Plus, after seeing The Sister demonstrating how to use Skype to The Mom, I was so impressed by the service that I promptly signed up for my own Skype account. Unfortunately my laptop does not have a built-in microphone so I ordered one from Best Buy, along with a portable external hard drive that was a real bargain. When I get the microphone and set up Skype completely, I’ll post the ID on the website. So: new books, more plausible travel plans, and new gadgets. Woo!