Readers hate typos and love clear thinking. As an editor, I eliminate the former and enhance the latter. I offer substantive editing, line editing, and copy editing services to make your copy the best and most engaging it can be.

What do those terms mean, you ask? Here’s a short breakdown:

  • Substantive editing means looking at your content to make sure its central argument is clear. This means that I will focus on things like tone, format, and structure, and help you if parts of your work need to be expanded, removed, rearranged, or rewritten.
  • Line editing means looking at your writing on a line-by-line basis to make sure it reads smoothly. This means that I will focus on things like removing the passive voice, cutting repetitive phrases, and clarifying meaning.
  • Copy editing means correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, it also involves formatting your text for consistency  and fixing errors in non-text elements like photos, captions, references, graphs, and tables.

Content that’s properly edited makes you look more credible to your audience and helps gain their trust. If you’re looking to build your audience’s trust, get in touch with me.