Sunday Tea and Books: Pu’er Tahiti

Sunday Tea and Books: Pu’er Tahiti

After last week’s post, I’m returning to form with thinking about another tea and how it relates to another book I’ve read.

Today’s tea: Pu’er Tahiti from Simple Loose Leaf, a ripe pu’er tea blended with coconut, papaya, mango, apple, and marigold petals. Note: Simple Loose Leaf sent me a sample of this for free in exchange for a review.

How I brewed it: This was a pretty simple steep: 2 teaspoons in 12 oz of water for about 3 minutes. I used about half a teaspoon extra to make it strong so it could tolerate being iced. I drank about half of it warm and then took the remaining half and mixed it with ice and sweetener to make iced tea.

What it’s like: I’m still fairly new to pu’er teas, and new to pu’er blends in particular. This one smelled really interesting to me, as the normally earthy, somewhat damp and leathery scent of the plain leaf was transformed by the addition of the flavoured ingredients. The aroma when I opened the bag of dry leaf was really sweet, smooth, and creamy – almost like peach-flavoured yogurt, or even cheesecake.

Both cold and hot, the flavour of the tea is very true to the scent of the leaf: creamy, fruity, and somewhat tart, like it’s had some sort of dairy added, even though it hasn’t. Underneath it all there’s the earthiness of the pu’er base. I know this is hard to describe, but given the tart, creamy smell of the tea, it feels like this one is playing a little joke on my tastebuds, doing the ol’ switcheroo. Dare I say that the tea is somewhat…puckish?

After all, Puck of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is an old hand at placing two unlikely elements together – the donkey-like, barnyard flavour of pu’er and the light, fruity flavours of papaya and apple – and enjoying the resulting mischief. And since it actually is a night in the middle of the summer, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Where you can get it: It doesn’t look like Simple Loose Leaf is carrying this, but Adagio does.