Sunday Tea and Books: Plum Blossom White

Sunday Tea and Books: Plum Blossom White

Today’s tea: Plum Blossom White from Simple Loose Leaf

How I brewed it: I got this tea as a preview sample with my June box from Simple Loose Leaf, so the instructions on it were somewhat spartan compared to the labels on other teas of theirs that I’ve received. I ended up making this iced by taking about 3-4 tsp of leaf and steeping it in 1 cup of hot water with a bit of sweetener for 4 minutes, then pouring the resulting tea over ice to make iced tea. It’s ludicrously hot and humid out, and iced tea seemed like the only reasonable option today.

What it’s like: The dry leaf smelled fruity and sweet, and this translates over into the brewed tea. It says online that this tea is a mix of white and green, and contains jasmine in addition to plum flavouring. The jasmine does a good job of merging with the other flavours here instead of being the star of the show. However, I’m not getting plum when I smell and drink this tea. There’s a sense of juiciness and flowers that comes across when I drink it, along with some of the deeper bitterness of the tea (I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m not a white tea person). Oddly enough, when it all comes together, I get notes of mint and of roses, with the roses being stronger.

And when I think of roses and fictional characters, one person – or perhaps, an entire family – comes to mind: Margaery Tyrell from the A Song of Ice and Fire books. I’ve hesitated for a while to try and link a tea to any characters from this series for two reasons. One, it’s super popular so it feels like naming a character from it is like reaching for low-hanging fruit; two, I prefer to link teas to characters from books I’ve already read, and I’ve never read any of the ASOIAF books.

But I think it’s a good fit. This tea is a tad deceptive, since it makes me think of roses rather than jasmine and plums, and roses are the emblem of Tyrells. Also, this is a very sweet, feminine-smelling and tasting brew to me. Considering her intellect/cunning, her beauty, and her connection to her family, if there were ever a character who would appreciate a tea like this, it would be Margaery.

Where you can get it: Plum Blossom White is on sale from Simple Loose Leaf here.

Note: Simple Loose Leaf gave me a sample of this tea for free to review.