Sunday Tea and Books: Sweet Peach White from Simple Loose Leaf

Sunday Tea and Books: Sweet Peach White from Simple Loose Leaf

Sweet Peach White tea from Simple Loose LeafHappy Victoria Day weekend! The sun is out, so it looks like it should be nice out there, but it’s still a bit nippy. Ah well. I made some iced tea this morning anyway, because of all the lovely sunlight.

Today’s tea: Sweet Peach White from Simple Loose Leaf (Note: I received this tea from them for free to review)

How I brewed it: I made it iced in my new pitcher just for iced tea. I added 4 large teaspoons of leaf (the leaf here is very fluffy, and I’ve found it’s better to overestimate how much you need in these cases), 4 cups of boiling water, and some agave nectar, and let it steep for 6 minutes. After which I added about 4 cups of ice cubes to cool it all down. The resulting liquor is a nice, light, clear amber.

What it’s like: I have to say up front that I’m not a huge fan of white teas – unless they’re really strongly flavoured, they all taste the same to me. And unfortunately, this one is a bit too subtle for me. I taste the peach a bit, but I mostly just taste white tea, even with the sweetener added, which normally brings out the fruit flavours more. I can see why others would like it, but it’s leaving me lukewarm. It’s hard for me to think of a character that this tea reminds me of, but I have thought of someone: Liyana froVessel by Sarah Beth Durst.

Mainly this is because when I read Vessel last year, I went into it with high expectations based on the preview chapters I’d read. But while it was a very quick read, at the end of it, it felt like there were a lot of plot holes and the action of the climax was really frenetic. Liyana herself is a sweet character, but like the book, she faded from my memory quickly, leaving only a shallow impression. So I guess I feel the same way about this tea.

Where to get it: Sweet Peach White from Simple Loose Leaf is on sale here.