First Project: Done!

First Project: Done!

I’ve been in further contact with one of the women I met at Tuesday’s networking event, and we’ve agreed to a trial work project together: if she gives me one article and one poem, I’ll review both and give her my feedback. After that, assuming she’s happy with the feedback, we’ll do more work together.

This is unpaid work right now, but I’m happy that in little over a week, I’ve already done some editing work. I gave her my feedback earlier this evening – it’s so hard to provide feedback that is constructive without being too caustic. We’ll see how it goes.

In other news, a friend of mine bought me My So-Called Freelance Life as a belated birthday present and gave it to me yesterday – an eerie coincidence considering I had just borrowed that very same book earlier that same morning. I’m already finished the first section, and her advice on buying certain office equipment (an external hard-drive for backup purposes), while avoiding others (monogrammed stationery) is very helpful. However, while I plan to eventually transfer the content of this site to my own hosted domain, I’ll refrain from doing so until I’ve actually proven I can make money from doing this: my new goal is not to buy any fancy stuff (external hard drive, domain, post office box, business license, etc) until I gross at least $500 over the course of my projects.

In the meantime, I’ve gathered up plenty of resources for my new technologies essay for Ryerson. I have to get cracking on that now.

2 thoughts on “First Project: Done!

  1. Andrew

    When I did this for a bit back before I got my current job, the first thing I did was run off some business cards – Freelance Police. I mean, Proofreader. They had my email address and everything. Have you done something like that yourself yet?

    1. Christina

      I printed off some business cards using VistaPrint a while back, actually, and had this URL pasted on them as well. I just never had the motivation to really plug in and post until this past week.